Gantom Live! is a division of Gantom dedicated to R&D of low cost interactive technologies for theme parks, trade shows, and other large scale entertainment venues.
Gone are the days of a walkthrough or sit & watch show. Guests demand engagement and interaction, they demand a personalized experience where they ARE the show. Gantom Live’s interactive products such as Torch and ZTag are ways a venue can meet their guests’ demands while creating a new revenue stream without investing in costly new infrastructure.


At our core we’re a bunch of geeks who have fun with technology. Our backgrounds are eclectic and eccentric, ranging from micro flying robots to haunted houses that make you scream! We’ve travelled the world and settled in Valencia, CA as the headquarters of our mad-science labs.


We’re finding that sweet spot between available technology and market viability. Recently, we’ve been revisiting infrared (IR) communication. Although IR tech has been around for decades (in that remote stuck under your couch), we’ve repurposed it for low cost interactive products for live entertainment use: live zombie infection games and controllable force feedback flashlights for theme parks!


Let’s be honest, as a business we’re here to make money. However, we do so by first helping our customers (mostly entertainment venues) create new revenue streams using interactive tech with minimal infrastructure cost. To us, doing more with less is a core value.