Gantom Torch



To the guest, it’s an average looking flashlight, but little do they know the Gantom Torch is fully controlled by the show they are about to experience. Haunted houses use the Gantom Torch for lights-out tours, where the Torch can change colors and even give a startling vibration in sync with the show! Our new Gantom Torch Escape Edition has a built-in UV LED that can be used to reveal hidden messages for Escape Room puzzles.



The Gantom Torch technology has two parts: transmitters (IR beacons) and receivers (Torch modules). IR beacons placed throughout a venue transmit live show data to a localized area. The beacons can be scaled to cover any sized venue ranging from a small closet to a large ballroom. Torch modules (such as compatible flashlights, wristbands, glow toys, or other portable devices) coming into range of the transmitter will be synchronized to the local show data. As guests travel from one space to the next, the receivers they carry will synchronize with the show data in each space the instant they walk in.


For simple shows where each room is a static effect, the IR beacons can be pre-configured and wired into 12V DC power only. Any Torch module coming within range of that IR beacon will instantly output the pre-configured pattern.


For advanced shows where the guest’s Torch experience is to be synchronized with the show, DMX control data can be used to drive the IR beacons. Through this configuration, the output of the Torch module (e.g. motor vibration) can be tied to the sound effects of the show (e.g. thunder clasps)


The Torch modules can be made into a variety of form factors. The smallest Torch receiver is no bigger than a dime so the technology can easily retrofit into existing applications. We make several existing modules which include wristbands, flashlights, and even a DIY module for users to retrofit into their own designs. The circuits are all battery powered (batteries not included) and depending on the output (number of LEDs and motors) and type of battery used, runtime of a torch module can range from several hours to several days.


Virtually any LED glowing souvenir that is currently sold at entertainment venues (patons, necklaces, pendants, wristbands, hats, cups, badges, etc.) has the potential to incorporate Gantom Torch technology. Instead of being passive user controlled glow toys, Torch enabled souvenirs can be synchronized to the venue’s performance to create a more immersive guest experience.


Show control synchronization The most obvious use for the Gantom Torch technology is incorporating guest wearable devices to be a part of the performance. Fireworks and show lighting effects can be synced up the the guest’s Torch module’s output making the guest feel like a part of the show. Incorporating the vibration motor force feedback with aspects of the show really adds to the guest’s experience. [drawing]


Scavenger hunt Beacons hidden throughout a venue can activate special output colors on a Torch module when it comes within range. Since the IR beacons are very discreet, this game easily becomes a modern version of the hot/cold game. A game for players to visit specific locations to gather clues can incorporate the Gantom Torch technology as a way to guide people and give them feedback if they are close to the objective. [drawing]


Ghost Tour Gantom Torches are made to look like a typical flashlight and thus when given to guests wouldn’t cause any suspicion on what they are about to experience. Emitters hidden throughout a “haunted” location can give the feel that the Gantom Torch is flickering or being affected by the spirits. If there is a startle element as part of the show, the Torch can suddenly turn off and vibrate to add to the startle!


Escape room This application has become very popular in the recent years. Many escape rooms incorporate a UV flashlight and as a way to reveal hidden clues. The Gantom Torch - Escape Edition, was designed to further the experience. The Torch can be activated to different colors (red, white, or UV) at different segments of the game. An easy example would be to have the Torch be a white light by default but once the user unlocks a box, a IR beacon hidden inside the box can transmit instructions for the Torch to change to UV output, which may reveal the next clue on the wall. [drawing] Scavenger hunt and show synchronizations aspects can all be tied into escape room usage.


Reduce light pollution In many night time theme park environments where guests purchase glow souvenirs, there are attractions where the souvenir may be an unwanted distraction (having visible flashing necklaces while on a dark ride). The Gantom Torch enabled souvenir can be automatically shut off at the entrance of the ride and automatically be turned on at the exit. This eliminates the ride operator from enforcing policies on the glow wearables in dark rides.

Haunted House with Torch RGB
Haunted House with Torch RGB