Each game of ZTag requires at least one ZStation to be set up as the initializer. A ZStation’s functionality is configured via a free ZTag app. Once configured as an initializer, the user can use the app to set various game parameters such as game length and initialize ZTags as human or zombie players.


Human players can stay alive by avoiding zombie players or if they were infected once, they can still seek a ZStation (configured as a health station) to recharge back to full health. Health stations are ZStations that emit a “healing” signal. These health stations can be configured to automatically send out healing signals to anyone coming within range or to send out the signal only when a button is pressed.


While the game logic can be customized by our engineers to fit your needs, we found a basic set of rules that work for many scenarios: we start the game with mostly humans and a few zombies, we give humans 3 chances to being “infected” before they become a zombie. The goal for the human player is to visit all the checkpoints without being infected. If they meet this objective, they become a healer and immune to zombies. Beacons placed throughout the venue can be used to help (health stations and checkpoints)  or harm (hazards) the human player in his efforts to achieve the goal.


*App is currently under development




1. Weatherproof Case Protects the internal components of the ZStation.  Can be opened by unscrewing four screws.


2. IR Transmitter Sends out signal to ZTags.


3. IR Receiver Each ZStation can receive signals from ZTags, allowing you to log player movement and scores.


4. RGB LED A Red/Green/Blue LED which can be used to visually signal game conditions.


5. Adjustment Dials These dials allow you to change the range of the IR signal and the output of the RGB LED.


6. 9v Battery ZStations can be powered via 9v battery.


7. Button Heavy duty button to trigger whatever you want the ZStation to do.


8. 2.1mm DC Jack Standard DC power connector allows you to power the ZStation from a wall transformer for long term play.


9. 3.5mm TRS Jack Easily program the ZStation via the audio port from your phone and the ZTag app.