Using simple IR technology (like in your remote control), we’ve developed a low cost and fun interactive game allowing players to “infect” or “heal” other players and fulfilling tasks by visiting checkpoints, and it’s all configurable from your smartphone — It’s 21st century version of tag.




1. RGB LED Health status indicator, green is human, red is zombie, other colors can be programmed to indicate additional game settings.


2. IR Transmitter We’ve adjusted the output of the ZTag transmitter so that it reliably communications with ZTags that are within arm’s reach. This distance is how close a zombie player must get to the human player before the human is infected.


3. IR Receiver Each ZTag badge can receive signals from other ZTags (within arm’s reach) or beacons


4. Marketing Faceplate Since ZTags are taken home as souvenirs, we’ve dedicated a  large section of the ZTag for artwork placement (logos and event information).


5. Button The button gives us additional flexibility to program game features with user activated input. Currently, the button allows the user to cycle through various demo blinking patterns when the ZTag has not been initialized.


6. Safety Pin The back of the ZTag has a safety pin for easy placement on clothes


7. Battery Compartment Each ZTag badge houses 2 button cell batteries which provides up to 8 hours of game play. These batteries are easily available and replaceable. Users may refresh the battery at home to activate the demo programs.